Midnight Flight

Midnight Flight (午夜飛行) was a Grunge/Post Punk Rock band formed by Simon Ho. Ho wrote all the songs and lyrics, and he sang and played guitar in the power trio band. The group had played at many venues in Hong Kong, as well as on Mainland China and in Germany,  it was disbanded after 1999.

CD Albums : Midnight Flight – Midnight Flight (1995), Midnight Flight – Bastard (1997).

Some of the band’s music tracks are uploaded to YouTube recently. Please log on :-

or check out the playlists at :-
Midnight Flight song demo versions ( five songs )

Midnight Flight CD album ‘ Bastard ‘ ( ten songs plus two extra tracks )

Live gig video clips will be uploaded to YouTube later.

Computer Music

Being a computer music artist, Simon Ho has produced and released two minimalistic computer music albums and was invited to perform in Switzerland in 2006. 

CD Albums : Simon Ho – Signal (2005), Simon Ho – Model (2007).

Please click on the below links to have a glance of these two albums : –

Simon Ho – Signal  :

Simon Ho – Model :

Chinese Restaurant Syndrome

Ho is thinking to make Techno music under the name Chinese Restaurant Syndrome ®. Right now, this is just a notion because he has no time for this.


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